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Street Diner & Pizzeria
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108 L Street, South Boston, MA 02127
Authentic Recipes

Since the opening of the L Street Diner & Pizzeria in South Boston in 1996, we have prided ourelves on having a restaurant that offers something for everyone.

By combining a unique menu and wide array of fresh ingredients with a cool, modern décor, we have been able to bring together a contemporary atmosphere with old world Italy.  

We share a love of great food and the dedication to bring it to everybody that comes through the door.  

The goal of L Street Diner & Pizzeria is to add some variety to the Boston "eating out" experience. When we opened the store on the corner of L Street and E Broadway, its food and charm quickly drew a loyal following from all walks of life.  

Filling the restaurant with top quality employees, all sharing their taste for great food and their vision of success, is a lasting attribute to the company.  

Inside the cozy kitchen of the restaurant a new type of family began.  Today we are unmatched in quality as we continue to grow in the Boston area. We are committed to the same standard for quality food, consistent service, and the relaxed family atmosphere that started it all.